Monsta Vape 50ML


Monsta Vape is known for their extremely fruity combination of flavours along with their latest dessert range which is gaining a lot of popularity around the world.

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Monsta Vape Screamo Mango

An extraordinary mango flavour topped with a cooling sensation of freeze to keep your tastebuds always wanting more Screamos

Monsta Vape Zesty Grappy

An incredible apple juice with freeze to freshen yourmouth after every vape

Monsta Vape Strawz Apple E Liquid Flavour

Strawberry and apple mingle with the cool menthol to create one of the highlights of the Monsta Vape range – we love this! VG: 70% | PG: 30%

Monsta Vape Sweet Sour E Liquid Flavour

This pineapple and blackcurrant bad boy might just be your new favourite juice! Bags of flavour and that signature Monsta Vape freeze effect – perfect! VG: 70% | PG: 30%

Monsta Vape Zesty Geeky Melon E Liquid Flavour

Our friends at Monsta Vape have smashed it out of the park with this one! An excellent melon flavour, with the cooling blast that everybody is looking for in vape juice this summer. VG: 70% | PG: 30%

Monsta Vape Citrus Punch E Liquid Flavour

Mix of citrus fruits with a twist of soda brings a sweet tangy vape.VG: 70% | PG: 30%

Monsta Vape Smokey Shisha E Liquid Flavour
Blend of rich crisp apples with a secret fruit twist gives you a hookah-like flavour experience.VG: 70% | PG: 30%

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Monsta Vape


Nicotine Free


Citrus Punch, Geeky Melon, Screamo Mango, Smokey Shisha, Strawz Apple, Sweet Sour, Zesty Grappy

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